Then came the egg (or how to cook your egg the way you like it)

It doesn't matter as long as you know how to cook an egg. Right? Maybe. My point is that to eat eggs with joy, it's all about how you really enjoy them. Scrambled, sunny side up, hard boiled Julia Child style, just the whites, or "oh Mon Dieu Benedict"? Maybe the amazing eggs Florentine in a cocotte? Or that moist omelette you ate in a cafe while in Paris? Perhaps the one you love has always been the always chic poached eggs. Or the most cherished of all eggs: the one your mom used to cook for you.

Let's talk about the egg itself. Eggs are the most intriguing item in the food-for-humans-kingdom. Should we eat 4 to 7 a week, or just when they're part of another recipe? Are they bad for your cholesterol or actually very good for your diet equilibrium? Even the most egg-centric scientist is still finding out why and how a very creative human decided to try something that came from a chicken's butt, and then actually cook it. 

For egg-friendly vegetarians, it's also a subject of pride: the amazing ovolacto peeps. Around 70 kcal of  delightful protein and fat mess that should belong only to the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) universe somehow became a favorite ingredient in our recipes. Remember, eggs are everywhere in the classic cookbooks, from pure whisked eggs to eggs in cakes and souffl├ęs, not to mention I-scream-ice cream, mayonnaise, quiche, and mousse.

Now enough of hen and recipe talk. Let's travel. Picture yourself walking into a diner in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. You're probably starving and already tired of all the bagels you ate for breakfast for the last few days. Yes, you know that as soon as you sit at a worn-out vinyl table and start to order, they will ask you how you like your eggs done. And maybe by now, if you are somewhere in between 15 to 90 years old, you know exactly what you don't like: Runny yolks? Dry omelette? Hard boiled yolk in the middle of crusty white like a not-so-sunny side up egg? 

So by now you've probably already found your favorite egg style. The waitress, who looks like someone who just jumped out of a Twin Peaks episode, can't wait the whole mornin' for the answer. But you can spend a whole day thinking about it if you don't have to go out for eggs, because it's cold outside. Or maybe we are still under lockdown. But perhaps it's time to find your independence in the kitchen and be able to cook your favorite egg. Now. Found it?

That's the one you're going to cook today. The one you love; the only one you would like to eat if you were alone on a distant island populated by happy pasture raised chickens, all singing and laying the best eggs on Earth, just for you to cook and eat.

Once you recognize exactly which egg style triggers your passion, dive into the web and find your recipe. Watch as many videos you like, from as many celeb-chefs you know. Or maybe, just work with your intuition, and be prepared to use a whole baker's dozen of the best eggs you can find at the farmer's market, to train yourself for your newfound career as an egg-spert at-home chef. 

But if you just don't like eggs, I won't judge you, because I must confess that I don't like to eat chicken. Just wait for the next posts. Vegans, of course, we will talk about that wonderful tofu scramblebut not today.

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