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Farewell Manresa, Noma and The Menu. Bonjour Oatmeal!

Good morning. Don't you love that French people keep wishing “Bonjour” any time of the day? For me, it sounds as lovely as eating silky oat pudding whenever I want. Oats are a top ingredient in any healthy diet in the world, from the Mediterranean to the DASH , from purely plant-based to flexitarian lifestyles. It’s a very wise and contemporary choice of food for humans, especially because oats are also a regenerative crop.   What do  The Menu , the closure of two of the most innovative restaurants on the planet, and porridge have in common? Probably nothing. And everything at the same time.   The Menu  is a very dark depiction of what happens in dining rooms that almost all of us don’t go to. It’s a sharp narrative that relies on the brilliance of Ralph Fiennes’ acting and the heat from the character played by Anya Taylor-Joy. Probably it’s the ultimate insult to Michelin star-studded chefs all over the world, but I kid you not: besides de theatrical plot there’s, it dishes out a

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