Before you start thinking about what's for dinner, or going to browse on your favorite delivery app, I would like to invite to one of the most delightful experience you might have today: cooking your own dinner.

But with a warning: this is not your grandma recipe blog. It's more like a guide of fulfillment, of realization of how cooking can change your way of looking at life. 

Surely all of the recipe makers, testers, developers, bloggers, star chefs and food writers (and ingredient packers) want you to go and do it. Because, like Ratatouille taught us, everyone can cook. Yes, but...

But maybe not everybody wants to or feel like cooking. Maybe there's that fear, instilled by Italian style mothers, that it might be complicated. Maybe your funny auntie Joanne told you that if the recipe calls for eggs it has to be from those special chickens. Or it was just that you don't want to browse all of the world wide web to find a recipe that calls for impossible ingredients.

Whatever is your current work, I think you will benefit enormously from this therapeutic activity. It entails  lots of playful activities, like a bit of imagination, time traveling. It takes more than willing to cook, but also the practicalities of going to cook and enjoying the ride. 

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